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Quick Tips in Education

Helping Children Love Books and Reading

Books are sources of wisdom, quests, truth, and hope — and are instrumental to building an extensive vocabulary. Every parent wants their child to love books and reading because they know it opens many doors. And helping children love books and reading is one of the most important things you can do as a parent. Reading is an essential skill to have, and will lead your child on a path to becoming a lifelong learner. But how can we help a child love books, particularly in a world of many digital distractions?

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About Cyber Education

Teaching Reading in a Virtual Classroom

Teaching reading in an online setting has evolved as technology creates more opportunities for virtual learning. Many parents wonder how teachers instruct students in reading in a cyber school, and how they support their learners. In this post, I'll draw on years of experience teaching reading in a virtual classroom to share some strategies for helping students learn, and the benefits that come with a virtual environment.

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