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Andie Byron

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Quick Tips in Education

How to Convince My Mom to Let Me Do an Online School

Thousands of students each year realize that something isn’t working for them at their local school district and they start looking for an alternative way to receive their education. If that’s where you are and you’ve decided that a cyber charter school would be a great fit for you, you’ve come to the right place. This blog can help you prepare to talk with your mom (or dad) about making the choice to enroll at an online school.

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About Cyber Education

What is a Cyber Charter School, Anyways?

Per the Pennsylvania Department of Education (PDE), a cyber charter school is an independent public school and a non-profit organization that uses technology to deliver a significant portion of curriculum and instruction. More than 35,000 students in Pennsylvania take advantage of this model of education, and there are currently 15 cyber charter schools available to students across the state.

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In the Community

Summer Reading Extravaganza

The Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh's (CLP) Summer Reading Extravaganza is one of the best ways we know to kick of summer reading! This annual outdoor festival offers music (we love Timbeleza!), crafts, games, storytelling, food trucks, and most importantly the opportunity to enroll in a summer reading program.    This year PA Virtual gave participants the chance to express their creativity by making magic scratch bookmarks, which they can use all summer as they read their favorite books. According to Story Pockets, the official blog for Children’s Services at CLP, "participating in a summer reading program can help kids and teens retain the literacy skills they have gained during the school year. Studies have shown that when kids and teens read during the summer, they are more likely to succeed when the new school year begins. Summer slide, or summer learning loss, can be challenged by reading books and engaging in out-of-school learning opportunities."

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