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The ABC’s of PA Virtual

By: Andie Byron on July 21st, 2021

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The ABC’s of PA Virtual

About Cyber Education

There’s lots to learn about cyber education and PA Virtual Charter School. Here’s a fun way to learn 26 things in just a few minutes!


AA is for Academic Help: Our students have access to tutoring, drop-in homework help, teacher office hours, and more. We’re here to help your child succeed.


BB is for BOOST, a weekly session for grades K-4 where students engage in fun, “hands-on” educational activities that give them opportunities to interact, use skills and knowledge from their regular courses, or learn something new!


CC is for Curriculum: PA Virtual not only offers the core subjects (Math, ELA/English, Science, History), but we also offer Art, Music, and PE as well as additional High School Electives. Click here to see Curricular offerings for each grade.


DD is for Daily Schedule: Each child’s teacher will provide a daily schedule for parents and students to follow. Parents can see what’s coming up for each day of the week, stay on top of work, and be prepared.  


EE is for Electives: High School students can choose from an exciting variety of electives, such as Astronomy, Creative Writing, Forensic Science, Coding, and more! Download our latest High School Course Catalog here! 


FF is for Family Support: We have programs that support both students and parents. Our Parent Ambassadors, Family Support Coordinators, and School Nurses each provide support in a unique way. Learn more about these resources. 


GG is for Graduation: We celebrate our seniors with a full in-person, cap-and-gown graduation ceremony each year, followed later in the evening by the year-end Senior Prom.


HH is for Honors: PA Virtual offers both Honors and AP classes. Our Middle School Honors Program provides 7th and 8th grade students a chance to earn high school credits. Our High School Catalog includes both Honors and AP classes in all four core subject areas. 


II is for Interaction: Whether it’s one of our 30+ virtual clubs or one of our monthly regional outings, PA virtual students have fun, fulfilling options for interacting with one another outside of the virtual classroom.


JJ is for Jigsaw, the platform for live classes in our Elementary and Middle Schools. It provides a way for teachers and students to see and hear each other, share content, learn together, and have fun!


K-1K is for K-12: PA Virtual serves Pennsylvania students in kindergarten through 12th grade. Students are grouped by school: Elementary (K-4), Middle (5-8), and High (9-12.) All teachers are state-certified for their grade level, and each school is overseen by an experienced principal. 


LL is for Laptop: Each student at PA Virtual is provided with a laptop, printer/scanner, and headset. Laptops are fully equipped with needed software and audio/video capabilities, and our Technology Department is ready to help if problems arise. 


MM is for Mentoring: PA Virtual Parent Ambassadors offer their experience, support, and expertise to new families through their Mentor program. Mentors create a relationship with new families based on their needs, helping them transition to their new school and new style of learning. 


NN is for National Honor Society: PA Virtual offers High School students the chance to join NHS (The National Honor Society) and also offers Middle School students the opportunity to join NJHS (The National Junior Honor Society).


OO is for Orientation, which every new family completes before beginning classes at PA Virtual. During live, online sessions, parents and students learn about school requirements, how to use our technology and tools, and who their academic and support team members are. 

PP is for Partnership: The partnership between parents and PA Virtual is crucial to student success. Parents are our “eyes and ears” at home, able to keep tabs on their child’s learning and reach out to us with any questions or concerns. We’re here to provide the technology, instruction, support, and engagement that both students and parents need. When we work together, we give students the best chance of success. 


QQ is for Questions: We’re always glad to answer any questions that prospective parents have. One of the best ways to get an overview of the school and have questions answered is by attending an online open house. If you’d like to speak to us one-on-one, give us a call at 866-728-2751. 


RR is for Reimbursement: Did you know that PA Virtual provides every family with an internet reimbursement? We want to ensure that lack of internet access never keeps a family from choosing a different type of schooling for their child. PA Virtual families receive a reimbursement during the school year. Reimbursement checks are issued in December and July. 


SS is for Synchronous: PA Virtual offers students two modes of instruction: synchronous and asynchronous. Synchronous classes are regularly scheduled and conducted live with a teacher and other students. Asynchronous classes are supervised by a teacher but students work independently. Check out our Video Library to see what a synchronous class looks like!  


TT is for Tools: Our teachers use a wide variety of tools to keep students engaged and enhance learning. Students in younger grades get materials like workbooks, counting blocks, phonics tiles, science kits, and art supplies. Software tools students use include Study Island, Naviance, and Google Docs, as well as interactive components of the K-12 (K-8) and Edgenuity (9-12) online curricula. All students can engage with videos or interact via webcam. 


UU is for Ultra: Collaborate Ultra (usually referred to as just “Ultra”) is our learning platform for High School students. Teachers can use the Ultra classroom to present course information, engage students in lively discussion, or even allow students to work in small groups, just like in a traditional brick-and-mortar classroom. 


VV is for Visits: PA Virtual school counselors work with high school students on their path to graduation. They help students prepare for the workforce, enter the service, or plan for college by arranging visits with various career schools, colleges, and universities—and much more!   


WW is for Weekly Newsletter: Communication with families is important here at PA Virtual. In addition to regular information from teachers and principals, PA Virtual sends a weekly newsletter to keep families informed about upcoming events, news, and fun things happening at the school. 


XX is for XO: We love our students and families! At PA Virtual, we are a community. We’re grateful to families that have chosen us for their child’s education, and we’re here to support each one.


YY is for Years: PA Virtual has been educating students for more than 20 years! That’s 20+ years of experience and expertise that we’re thrilled to bring to PA Virtual families. We plan on 20 more!


ZZ is for Zoos: PA Virtual’s monthly regional outings give families the chance to meet other families in their area while they have a fun, educational experience. Outings can include zoos, nature reserves, school picnics, amusement parks, museums, and so much more!


If you'd like to learn more about PA Virtual, you can request more information here.

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NOTE: This blog post was originally published in July 2021 and has been updated for accuracy of content.

Andie Byron-11About the Author: Andie Byron is the Assistant Director of Enrollment Communication at PA Virtual.