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Alexis Dingeldein

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A Day in the Life of an Asynchronous Cyber School Student [A Student's Perspective]

Transitioning to a cyber charter school can be a significant change, and one that is undertaken for a variety of reasons. Some families choose this model for the quality of education: that’s why my parents chose PA Virtual for me. For others, it’s a solution for problems sometimes faced at brick and mortar schools, such as anxiety and bullying. Still others come to cyber charter schools because of the flexibility they offer.

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Blog Feature

A Typical Day for a Synchronous Cyber School Student [A Student's Perspective]

One of the biggest questions people have before trying something new is, “What does this experience look like?” For students moving to a cyber charter school, it can be difficult to imagine what school will be like in a different environment. I would love to tell you about what being a student at a cyber charter school is really like. I attended PA Virtual for grades K through 12. During my time here, I developed valuable skills, made great friends, and genuinely enjoyed learning. If you’re considering virtual school but are feeling nervous about the change, let me put your mind at ease.

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