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Why PA Virtual Uses the K12 Curriculum


PA Virtual is powered by K12!

PA_Virtual_and_ K12_logoLike traditional charter schools, cyber school curriculum is chosen as a part of a school's charter and approved by the state Department of Education. Over the years, we have credited the K12 curriculum as one of the biggest reasons for our students success! It is one of the most widely used curricula and is a recognized leader across the country. Not only that, but PA Virtual is the highest ranked cyber school inPennsylvania that uses K12 curriculum at EVERY grade level.

The award-winning K12 curriculum complies with the PA Core Standards and offers various electives, AP, Honors, STEM and dual credit classes depending on your child’s age and academic level. K12 curriculum is offered in 33 states nationwide, allowing for students to seamlessly transition for families on the go. PA Virtual has continually ranked at the top of the pack for cyber education in Pennsylvania, with one of the highest graduation rates among cyber charter schools.

In addition to using the K12 curriculum and state of the art technology, students are further guided by PA Virtual’s highly-qualified, PA-certified teachers who work to create individualized learning plans based on your child’s needs and schedule. Our staff and guidance counselors take the tools provided by the curriculum and make sure each child is maximizing their potential.

How can you help your child achieve academic success? Click below for more information on how you can enroll your child at PA Virtual today!

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About Cyber Education


PA Virtual Student Shares His Experience Singing at Carnegie Hall

We would like to congratulate Ian Snyder, a member of our PA Virtual family, for the honor of participating in the "2016 High School Honors Performance Series." Ian shared his tenor voice alongside other talented student-musicians at Carnegie Hall.

To read more about Ian Snyder and this amazing opportunity you can link to the article by Abbey Zelko at FlipSide PA.

Feel free to congratulate Ian for his amazing accomplishments and share your own story below!

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Super Student


Random Acts of Kindness

Show someone you care!


There is no better way to show someone you care, or help someone in need than with a Random Act of Kindness! This year, Random Acts of Kindness Day officially fell on February 17, but who’s to say you can’t participate for an entire week, month or year?

The movement has become more than just spontaneous acts of good intention. Over the years RAKtivists have worked to promote kindness on a daily basis - believing that the simple idea of people being nice to one another has the ability to change the world.  One person’s actions could cause a ripple effect of kindness in the world – would that really be so bad?

Whether you are simply holding the door for someone, or organizing a large community fundraiser to help those in need, just remember that every act of kindness no matter how big or small matters to someone!

Teachers can even join in on the fun! Bring kindness into your classroom with these resources and curriculum ideas! From Kindergarten to high school, there are lesson plans fit for all age groups that teach caring, respect and kindness.

What Random Acts of Kindness have you seen in your life? Have you seen a ripple effect take place from on simple action? Share your kindness stories in the comments below!!

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Did You Know?


Watch Chinese New Year Celebrations Online!


The Chinese New Year, also known as the Spring Festival varies annually based on the lunisolar Chinese calendar. Events and festivities last for a few weeks, so celebration dates vary around the globe. Check out a few of the largest celebrations that will ring in the Year of the Monkey!

In London, the festivities begin on February 14 in the city’s Chinatown district. Chinese singers dancers and performers from across the globe gathered last year to celebrate. According to, the event is continually growing each year!

One of the largest American celebrations of the Chinese New year takes place in San Francisco California, which hosts one of the largest parades in the US. This year the parade will take place at the conclusion of the celebrations Saturday, February 20, 2016.

In NYC, public school students will have off from school on Monday, February 8 in to allow the cities large Chinese population to celebrate. Better Chinatown USA, the organizer of the NYC parade uploaded several pages of photos that capture the atmosphere and joy surrounding the parade.

Of course, the biggest and best New Year celebrations are in China – from Beijing, to Shanghai, to Hong Kong - American news outlets cover parades and fireworks from across the Pacific with a bit less fanfare. CNN & NBC will cover the celebrations and likely air the fireworks live. In addition, the History Channel has provided educational videos and facts about the historical relevance and traditions of this holiday.

Were you lucky to be born in the year of the monkey?

Feel free to share your thought about this topic with us!

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Did You Know?


Myth Busting Cyber Charter Schools: Part 2


The difference between cost & curriculum – how does a cyber charter school & your local school district compare?

As we continue to look at some of the of cyber education in Pennsylvania, we take a look at some of the fundamental differences between your local school district's online program and a full-fledged cyber charter school. How do you choose what is right for your child?

  • It is true that both cyber schools and district IU’s educate children online and there is a cost to both - but they are not the same. Cyber schools incur cost much differently than a traditional IU. IU’s can use teachers already salaried from the district, and pre-owned classroom equipment. Cyber schools must account for facilities for mandated testing and health screenings and provide each student with a computer, the essential software, all curriculum materials, a printer, and reimbursement for Internet access.
  • How much does it cost to send a child to cyber school? Cyber schools are funded through your state tax dollars, and is a percentage of your traditional districts per pupil allotment – which varies greatly depending on where you live. To date, there has been no comprehensive analysis of the per-pupil cost of cyber education in Pennsylvania. Cyber charter school leaders have repeatedly asked the legislature to convene a group to answer the question of the average cost to educate a child in a cyber charter school. In the absence of such data, opponents of cyber charter schools have circulated unsubstantiated and inaccurate numbers.

How does the curriculum stack up?

  • PA Virtual takes a look at each individual student to assess their learning needs instead of just trying to teach all of our students the exact same way.
  • In most cases, students who choose to learn online through their districts IU will be following the same curriculum as the district mandates, in a similar way, but with an online component.
  • PA Virtual and other cyber schools purchase nationally recognized curriculum programs from outside sources, which comply with the PA Core learning standards.
  • Districts have been able to develop their own online programs thanks to the pioneering efforts of cyber charter schools. If anything, the growth of district-level virtual academies demonstrates the demand for alternative learning environments.
  • It is our goal to foster innovation in the design and delivery of educational services. PA Virtual ensures the development of best practices that will improve student achievement through Innovation in Teaching and Learning Grants. Teachers who have collaborated to pilot successful instructional initiatives have gone on to present at national conferences on virtual learning.

Cyber education is a tuition- free public school option – the district sends a portion of your child’s per pupil allotment directly to the charter school of your choice, at no additional cost to you.

Feel free to share your thought about this topic with us!

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About Cyber Education, Did You Know?


Avoid the “Groundhog Day” Winter Blues

With These Tips and Tricks!


The classic 90’s movie Groundhog Day follows a Pennsylvania reporter sent to cover Punxsutawney Phil and his Groundhog Day traditions – only to find out that he repeats the same day over and over again! During a time of year when students are sometimes promised six more weeks of winter, how can students break out of their own endless loop and avoid the winter blues?

  1. Get out of the house – One easy way to break cabin fever is to get out of the house! Cyber students have the flexibility to work from almost anywhere – take your laptop to your local library or coffee shop and put yourself in a different environment for a part of your day. Many cyber schools have resource centers strategically placed around the state where students can visit for extra help, school events or just to meet other students. If you live close enough to a PA Virtual resource center, take a visit!
  2. Shake up your daily routine – In a traditional school, students are tethered to their desks between bells and stick to the same schedule every day. If you are enrolled in asynchronous courses, you have the ability to try something new. Or, if you always tackle homework in the same order, switch up the subjects. If you are quiet in classes, do your best to interact more with your peers and your teachers.
  3. Give Back – Even though the holidays have passed, there are still tons of ways to give back to your local community. February is a very popular month for communities host local blood drives for the American Red Cross. If you are healthy and meet the appropriate requirements, you and your family can locate a blood drive near you.
  4. Break out a good book!– When stuck in the winter months, nothing can help you escape better than a great story. Selecting something you can enjoy outside of class is key, take a look at the 50 most anticipated books of 2016 – some of which are already out!

Feel free to share your thoughts, plans, and ideas here or on social media.

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