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Avoid the “Groundhog Day” Winter Blues

By: M. Dubbs on February 1st, 2016

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Avoid the “Groundhog Day” Winter Blues

In the Community  |  Quick Tips in Education

The classic 90’s movie Groundhog Day follows a Pennsylvania reporter sent to cover Punxsutawney Phil and his Groundhog Day traditions – only to find out that he repeats the same day over and over again! During a time of year when students are sometimes promised six more weeks of winter, how can students break out of their own endless loop and avoid the winter blues?

  1. Get out of the house. – One easy way to break cabin fever is to get out of the house! Cyber students have the flexibility to work from almost anywhere – take your laptop to your local library or coffee shop and put yourself in a different environment for a part of your day. Many cyber schools have resource centers strategically placed around the state where students can visit for extra help, school events or just to meet other students. If you live close enough to a PA Virtual resource center, take a visit!

  2. Shake up your daily routine. – In a traditional school, students are tethered to their desks between bells and stick to the same schedule every day. If you are enrolled in asynchronous courses, you have the ability to try something new. Or, if you always tackle homework in the same order, switch up the subjects. If you are quiet in classes, do your best to interact more with your peers and your teachers.

  3. Give back! – Even though the holidays have passed, there are still tons of ways to give back to your local community. February is a very popular month for communities host local blood drives for the American Red Cross. If you are healthy and meet the appropriate requirements, you and your family can locate a blood drive near you.

  4. Break out a good book! – When stuck in the winter months, nothing can help you escape better than a great story. Selecting something you can enjoy outside of class is key, take a look at the 50 most anticipated books of 2016 – some of which are already out!

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