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Why PA Virtual Uses the K12 Curriculum

By: M. Dubbs on February 24th, 2016

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Why PA Virtual Uses the K12 Curriculum

About Cyber Education

PA Virtual is powered by K12!

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Like traditional charter schools, cyber school curriculum is chosen as a part of a school's charter and approved by the state Department of Education. Over the years, we have credited the K12 curriculum as one of the biggest reasons for our students success! It is one of the most widely used curricula and is a recognized leader across the country. Not only that, but PA Virtual is the highest ranked cyber school in Pennsylvania that uses K12 curriculum at EVERY grade level.


The award-winning K12 curriculum complies with the PA Core Standards and offers various electives, AP, Honors, STEM and dual credit classes depending on your child’s age and academic level. K12 curriculum is offered in 33 states nationwide, allowing for students to seamlessly transition for families on the go. PA Virtual has continually ranked at the top of the pack for cyber education in Pennsylvania, with one of the highest graduation rates among cyber charter schools.


In addition to using the K12 curriculum and state of the art technology, students are further guided by PA Virtual’s highly-qualified, PA-certified teachers who work to create individualized learning plans based on your child’s needs and schedule. Our staff and guidance counselors take the tools provided by the curriculum and make sure each child is maximizing their potential.


How can you help your child achieve academic success? Click below for more information on how you can enroll your child at PA Virtual today!


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