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A Day in the Life of a High School Cyber Charter Teacher

Is high school different in a cyber school? Find out what it's like to teach at a cyber charter high school, featuring English teacher Ms. Slater!

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About Cyber Education  |  Cyber High School

Should I Take High School Online?

Gone are the days where the vast majority of students in a town attend the same high school based simply on their addresses. Though some students may have attended a private school, the price of tuition put the option out of reach for most families. With such limited choices, students and families were caught between their local school district and the high prices of private school. Fortunately, today, students have tuition-free options. You may be curious about whether attending high school online is a good opportunity for you. Look through the information and questions below and ask yourself if an online high school is a good fit for you. First, let’s start with some basics.

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