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Lauren Olcese-Mercurio

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About Cyber Education

What is Pupil Health, and Why is it Important at a Cyber School?

Many of us remember trips to the nurse's office in our brick-and-mortar schools. But did you know that cyber schools, including cyber charters, have health services as well? In this blog, Regional Nurse Ms. Olcese-Mercurio explores the role of these healthcare professionals, and how they help your child and family!

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Quick Tips in Education

Ways to Have Fun (and Stay Healthy) Over Spring Break

Ah, the joy of Spring Break! After a long winter, and before the busy summer, families across Pennsylvania take this opportunity for some springtime fun. Whether you're at a cyber charter school or in a brick-and-mortar model, break is a great time rest and recharge for the the final end-of-year push. Check out these tips and activities to make your break relaxing and productive, while helping you stay healthy!

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