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Doug Wessels

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About Cyber Education

Are Cyber Charter Schools Free?

Are Pennsylvania’s public cyber charter schools free? That is one of the most pressing and popular questions that we hear every day. In fact, that single question has gripped school districts, local news media outlets, countless school advocacy organizations, and has extended all the way to the hallowed halls of Pennsylvania’s General Assembly.

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About Cyber Education  |  Happenings & Perspectives

Preparing Our Students for an Unknowable Future

During the 2018-2019 school year, the Pennsylvania Department of Education is introducing a new school assessment tool, the Future Ready Index. This new tool is designed to take a more comprehensive look at individual students; assessing their unique needs and abilities, measuring their year over year growth, and determining if schools are truly preparing Pennsylvania’s students for long term success. While in the past, great schools were measured almost exclusively by standardized test scores, the new Future Ready Index will take multiple criteria into consideration including how a student performs over several years as well as whether a school is providing opportunities for exploring career pathways and college options.  

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