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Cindy Dingeldein

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Why I Chose Online School for My Child

Families in 2021 have many options for educating their children. Homeschool, which began on a larger scale in the 1970s; private schools, which have been available for many decades; local public schools, which are utilized by the majority of PA families; and for the past 20+ years, we have encountered the “new kid on the block”: charter & cyber charter schools.   When it was our family’s turn, many of our friends were at the end of the decision process. It seemed there were so many questions and so many decisions to be made. This was our journey.

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About Cyber Education

Cyber School: Expectations vs. Reality

I think you will find many areas of life enjoy a different reality than original expectation. This is true of parents and students when a family enters the cyber school setting. Parents are now alerted to what the student is being exposed to throughout the day. Students may expect easy learning.   As a parent, I was naïve enough to believe every day was going to be a great one. I forgot to take into consideration what the day would be like if one of us were tired or not in a great mood. And, I was guilty of thinking a Kindergarten student had the attention span of an adult. Learning to navigate the software takes some time to become familiar, too. Let’s take a few minutes to look at some of the expectations I had for education in the cyber setting and the actual reality of the day-to-day business of educating at home.

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