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Why Should I Choose a Cyber School?

By: Cindy Dingeldein on September 30th, 2022

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Why Should I Choose a Cyber School?

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Cyber school has become more prolific in the past few years, and families all across Pennsylvania have discovered the benefits of virtual learning. Parent Ambassador Regional Coordinator and former PA Virtual parent Cindy explores the top 4 reasons why you should choose an online school — especially a cyber charter school!

Have you been thinking a cyber school may be the best option for one or more of your students?

This technology-driven model carries a variety of options, and has become a standard in the educational world for students across the country. 

In this blog post, I’ll share some reasons why you may want to choose a cyber school.


What Are My Options?

More prolific virtual educational options include cyber charters, private school charters, and homeschooling. While there are free online courses and curriculum, such as Khan Academy, these programs do not typically offer live classes. Cyber charter schools in Pennsylvania, such as PA Virtual, are free of charge to families.


Cyber Charter School

Private Charter Schools

Virtual Homeschooling

Funded by PA tax dollars

Not usually


Synchronous option


Asynchronous option

Combo of Synchronous/Asynchronous


Adult on board daily

✔ (sometimes)

Students interact with full-time staff


Honors & AP classes Parental discretion
College & career counseling No


Why #1: Cyber Schooling is a Flexible, Student-Centered Model

MRK_blog_WhyShouldIChooseaCyberSchoolbody1_20220725Though cyber schooling can have ‘live,’ or synchronous, classes with set times, it also provides flexibility for family schedules. Commuting to and from school is no longer a factor, and students do not need to spend time in study halls — thus making for a more efficient school day. For some, cyber school provides an additional 20 minutes to the day, but for others, it is as much as two hours. That time can really add up! 

For many cyber students, this time is spent working part-time jobs or doing extracurriculars, such as clubs, athletics, scouts, and pursuing other interests.

Asynchronous students gain even more flexibility as they have a day sans online classes. The opportunity to start earlier or later than their synchronous counterparts can allow for scheduling during the time of day they are most alert. This option requires strong routine, organization, and time management skills to keep at pace with the teacher’s plan and curriculum.


Why #2: Students and Parents Take More Active Roles

Parents’ ability to play a greater role in educating their students changed dramatically with the rise of cyber education in Pennsylvania. Homeschool is a great option for some, but many prefer to have a prepared and teacher-led curriculum. This is a win/win for public education and the individual family!parentroleblog

 Many parents are leery of choosing or teaching a curriculum, or want assistance. Cyber school remedies that difficulty on the first day! The Learning Coach — a dedicated adult at home who can assist students — is also helped virtually by Family Support Coordinators, teachers, and staff members. This team that undergirds families in a cyber setting is just as valuable as they would be in the neighborhood building.  

As students learn independence, accountability, and motivation; as cyber school necessitates them taking responsibility for completing assignments, testing, and more – you are right by their side watching them learn and grow.


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Why #3: Students Learn Technology Skills for the Future 

Technology has changed education, both formally and informally. The skills a student learns in the cyber setting are valuable for their future. Some cyber charters, such as PA Virtual, offer clubs specifically directed at deeper learning in tech skills.  

Teachers in cyber schools regularly find other websites/apps that expand the student skills in learning forming an adaptability to how to learn. Some use Reading Eggs, Nearpod, Reading A to Z, and other tools to enhance an already robust learning experience. 

In some cyber charter schools, teachers have more than 20 years of savvy with online learning, and modify their plans to fit the needs of students and curriculum. This mastery inspires their students, who, in turn, continually refine their knowledge and use it to help others. Such technological skills are used in many aspects in society – both now and in the future.


Technology’s Impact on Career Prospects

Students who regularly engage with tech often pursue these high-profile careers:

Social media: Companies are interested in hiring people with skills to further strategy, management and more to connect them with customers!

Game design / development / programming / writing: Many students who have developed a love for tech skills often plan to enter careers as computer programmers, software developers, code writers, or even game designers!

Computer Security employees are in high demand in the corporate world and government institutions.


Why #4: Students Socialize in a Safe Environment

Socialization_CommunityEngaementCyber charter schools take safety very seriously, both while students are online and when they are interacting at a school event. Parents often accompany students to school functions held by our Family Support Coordinators, which makes them a great place to meet other cyber school families in a safe environment.  

Teachers in a virtual setting pay close attention to their digital classroom, and respond accordingly to bullying, student difficulties, and more. Consistent communication between teachers and parents means guardians speak firsthand with a teacher or administrator if their child steps out of bounds, as the school works to find resolution. 

Socialization doesn’t just happen offline! Some cyber charters, like PA Virtual, offer online clubs that allow students to pursue interests outside of the curriculum, while interacting with peers and deepening their skill set.

For students who do want that in-person experience, cyber charters offer outings (the equivalent of a field trip), back to school and end of year picnics, regional gatherings, and more. In addition, all cyber school students in Pennsylvania are eligible to participate in the extracurriculars offered by their local district.

Final Thoughts on Cyber School

Choosing a cyber school doesn’t mean sacrificing your child’s education! In fact, you have the opportunity to experience the opposite.

In addition to curriculum, students learn:

  • vital technology skills
  • how to be forward thinking
  • how to embrace a flexible, accountability-oriented model
  • peace of mind with monitored safe socialization
  • important life skills, like time management and organization

Cyber students are preparing for bright futures! So why not join in?

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Cindy Dingeldein for PA VirtualAbout the Author: Cindy Dingeldein is a former PA Virtual parent and currently works at the school as a Parent Ambassador Regional Coordinator.





Image courtesy of Sasin Tipchai , Clker-Free-Vector-Images on Pixabay; and PA Virtual.