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Top 5 Reasons to Choose PA Virtual

Top 5 Reasons to Choose PA Virtual

As a parent, you have many choices when it comes to your child’s education. If you have been considering the cyber education model for your child, you might be doing your research to determine which cyber school in Pennsylvania would be the best fit. With 14 cyber charter schools throughout the state, you have quite a few options to choose from. Here are 5 reasons why PA Virtual could be a great fit for your family.


1. 20 years of experience!

Found in 2001, PA Virtual is one of the longest running and most experienced cyber charter schools in the state. For the past 20 years, PA Virtual has transformed the way students learn online in the 21st century, and our teachers and staff are dedicated to providing the best quality education for our students, delivered in a safe learning environment.


2. Structure and flexibility in learning path offered.

PA Virtual offers both structure and flexibility in our instructional modes to accommodate different student learning styles and needs.

  • Synchronous- This is our more structured option - students attend live, online classes led by state-certified teachers.

  • Asychronous- This is our more flexible option - students do not attend live classes but rather work independently on coursework with the guidance and support of a state-certified teacher.

You can read more about the differences of each learning path in this blog post.


3. Educational materials provided.

PA Virtual provides students with everything they need to be successful in the virtual classroom:

  • A laptop, printer/scanner, and headset

  • A monthly internet stipend, paid out twice a year to enrolled families

  • All curricular materials, including books, workbooks, art supplies, manipulatives, and science kits

    • PA Virtual’s state-certified teachers lead students through their studies using the nationally recognized K12, Inc. curriculum and other widely known and highly-recognized curriculum such as Edgenuity. You can view the curriculum by grade here.


4. Socialization beyond the classroom.

Socialization is an important part of a child's development, therefore PA Virtual provides various social opportunities for our students and families, including:

  • Virtual clubs, school assemblies, and outings

  • Academic and social outings including trips to museums, zoos, parks, and other community destinations, as well as picnics, service projects, and recreational activities

  • Your local school district’s extracurricular activities. While enrolled at PA Virtual, your child remains eligible to participate in district activities like sports teams, school plays, and after-school clubs.


5. Award-winning academic & family support services.

To offer support both inside and outside of the classroom, PA Virtual provides families with ongoing support services:

  • Tutors and specific teacher office hours provide your child the one-on-one time they need.

  • School nurses provide free health screenings on an annual basis and ensure our students meet state health requirements.

  • Guidance counselors help with character education, study skills, and post-secondary planning.

  • Current parents mentor new families and offer tips and tricks via learning sessions.

  • Family Support Coordinators act as your personal guide to "all things PA Virtual", coordinate group outings, and help with attendance and technology concerns.


With many cyber schools to choose from in Pennsylvania, it's important to do your research and ask questions to help guide your decision on which school would be most suitable for you and your child. If you're wondering what questions you should ask while doing your research, check out our blog post, 5 Questions to Ask When Choosing a Cyber School.


If you think PA Virtual might be a good fit for your family and want to learn more, you can request more information here.


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