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Things I Learned Working at a Virtual School

If you would have asked me during my graduate program what the likelihood of me working at a virtual school was, I would have told you slim to none. However, sometimes life has a funny way of taking control of things. As you can imagine and possibly relate to, I was furiously applying for jobs once I received my diploma. I applied to anything and everything available because I was determined to get a job in my field. I didn't have anything against virtual schools – I just simply knew nothing about them. My internships prepared me for working with large and diverse caseloads in a brick and mortar setting, and I was surprised to see just how well those skills transferred into this virtual setting.

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Cyber High School

How to Graduate High School Early

Graduating high school early might seem like an elite opportunity that only straight-A students with 4.0 GPAs can attain. However, it's much more common (and easier!) than you think. All students need to do is to meet their school’s specific criteria to graduate early.

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