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LyndadotcomLogoPA Virtual Charter School students, teachers and staff are introduced to a new friend and tutor — PA Virtual can now provide its students and staff with answers and solutions to virtually any question or problem using technology and software programs in their classrooms and school work.

Want to become a master of classroom technology? Trying to figure out how to edit videos? Want to learn graphic design? Need to create a spreadsheet or other software-based document? Always wanted to build your own website but didn’t know where to start? Or maybe it is time to sharpen existing skills? has a searchable database of more than 6,000 professionally-produced training courses and more than 135,000 individual informational video organized by topic. That’s a whole lot of know-how to explore.The videos are available through a subscription service paid by PA Virtual and is being offered for free to all of their students, teachers and staff. Subject areas include computer programming, web development, graphic design, photography, business, education, 3D design, animation, video, audio and music.

It is just one more benefit of attending and working at PA Virtual Charter School!

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