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Why Cyber?

Why Cyber?

About Cyber Education

Summer is the perfect time for parents to reflect upon their children’s learning environment and consider their options. Have you ever wondered if a public school might be a good choice for your child? This blog will highlight some of the benefits of a cyber education and help parents learn more about what online options like PA Virtual have to offer.


Has your child been struggling academically? Are they interested in pursuing other athletic activities or passions? Is there something just not working at your child’s current school but you can’t put your finger on it? In Pennsylvania, families are afforded a handful of choices when it comes to K-12 education. There are of course, parochial and private schools where families would directly pay tuition for each student to the school, but also a number of public options you could explore if you are looking for a change.


Public cyber charter schools give students the flexibility to learn in their own home. Cyber school doesn’t mean that students are left alone for hours on end with a screen in front of them—and at PA Virtual nothing could be farther from the truth. The PA Virtual Diamond Model of partnership ensures students are surrounded and supported from all sides. Curriculum & Technology, Academics, Parent/Learning Coach involvement and Family Support all provide students with the essential tools for learning and achievement.


Every PA Virtual student is provided with a personal laptop and other technology needed for class. The K12 curriculum is nationally recognized and accessed through a custom online platform, so students have the resources of the internet at their fingertips. The academic program supports each child’s individual needs and is taught by highly qualified, PA-certified teachers. The Parent/Learning Coach model means that the adult in the child’s life actively participates in their education and ensures their success. Lastly, PA Virtual has a hands-on Family Support Program; including nine regionally-based Family Support Coordinators. These are not teachers, but additional support staff who provide an array of resources and socialization opportunities for parents and students. 


Are we right for you? Learn more about cyber schooling and how PA Virtual could give your family a custom online educational experience from the comfort of your own home.


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