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So How Do Students Socialize in a Cyber School?

By: Valerie Stearns on March 28th, 2018

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So How Do Students Socialize in a Cyber School?

A common question families ask us when beginning the enrollment process is how often their child will get to socialize with others while being educated in a virtual environment. Socialization is an important part of a child's development. At PA Virtual, we offer plenty of opportunities for students and their families to explore local attractions, meet other PA Virtual families, and build strong relationships.


Field Trips Across the State

Our Family Support Coordinators plan various regional field trips each month that are both fun and educational. Some examples of trips offered are trips to museums, zoos, theater events, parks, bowling alleys and skating rinks. Family Support Coordinators also organize service learning projects, which give students an opportunity to volunteer in their local community. In addition to social outings offered across the state, we also offer virtual clubs, virtual assemblies, and virtual outings to all of our students throughout the year.

Athletics & Other Activities

Another question we are frequently asked is if students at PA Virtual can participate in after-school activities at their local brick-and-mortar school. The answer is yes – students enrolled at PA Virtual are eligible to participate in their local school district’s extracurricular activities. This is another great opportunity for our students to connect with other children in their home district. 

Look below for recent field trips offered by PA Virtual and some of our big trips coming up!  

Examples of Recent Field Trips

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