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PA Virtual Cyber School Grads: Where are They Now? - Micaela Hoadley

By: Valerie Stearns on June 7th, 2019

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PA Virtual Cyber School Grads: Where are They Now? - Micaela Hoadley

PA Virtual Grads-Where are They Now?

20181117_084620Micaela Hoadley is a 2016 graduate of PA Virtual. Since graduation, she has been attending Bloomsburg University with a major in anthropology and a minor in biology. We recently caught up with Micaela and learned a little bit about what she has been up to since graduating high school, how PA Virtual prepared her for college, and what advice she has for this year’s graduating seniors.

What have you been up to since graduating from PA Virtual?

MICAELA: I have conducted anthropological research on Amish Maternal Practices and relationship with midwives. This research has been presented at the 2018 American Anthropological Association conference in San Jose, CA, the Bloomsburg College of Liberal Arts, and the PASSHE Anthropology Conference. I’ve been also been working as an EMT, and I plan to go to Spain this upcoming winter to improve Spanish proficiency and take Spanish cultural classes.


How did PA Virtual help you prepare for college?

MICAELA: The AP classes that were offered prepared me for the workload of college, as well as the academic expectations. I was also able to receive college credits after taking the AP exam.


PA Virtual: What is the most important thing you have learned from your years in college?

MICAELA: Time management. Time management is the key to doing well in college. I’ve had to balance working, meetings, sleeping, food prepping, studying, projects, personal matters, and taking care of family. College is a full-time job, having a family is a full-time job, and sometimes working is a part-time to full-time job. You have to learn how to balance those things. You're in school to learn and advance a career, but it has to be done with care.


What advice would you give to this year’s graduating seniors?

MICAELA: Work up and save money, but also spend time with your family and take small vacations, so that you will be well rested before your college semester starts. Maybe take time and visit the campus and get to know your surroundings. Also, IT IS OK IF YOU CHANGE YOUR MAJOR. I was originally a pre-med biology major. After three semesters, I realized that I did not want to go the biology route, but rather wanted to go the humanities route instead. I'm attending nursing school after I am done with my anthropology degree, and I am happy that I changed my major.


Is there anything else you’d like to share with current PA Virtual students?

MICAELA: Learn how to study in high school, and don't be afraid to ask for help!


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