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PA Virtual Senior Meets with Representative Mackenzie

By: Doug Wessels on November 22nd, 2021

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PA Virtual Senior Meets with Representative Mackenzie

In the Community

On Friday, November 12, Logan Seaver, a senior from PA Virtual Charter School, had the opportunity to meet with Representative Milou Mackenzie (R — Northampton/Lehigh/Montgomery counties).

Logan met with Rep. Mackenzie in order to learn more about her work, her background, and what she does for his community. As a senior, Logan is interested in pursuing a career in government. He also had the opportunity to meet with Senator Mensch in October.

Rep. Mackenzie is no stranger to ensuring that all students — including cyber charter schools like PA Virtual — have the support, funding, and resources necessary to be successful. Starting her career as a classroom teacher both within traditional public schools and in private schools, she knows that no school is perfect for all students at every stage of their academic development — and some students may need other school options to achieve their academic goals.

“From these visits, I was happy to obtain a greater understanding of how the state government works. I also learned about what my elected officials are up to!” Logan stated. It can often be intimidating to meet with your elected representatives. However, Logan maintains, “it is important for voters to meet with their representation to get to know them as people and learn about what they do as officials. After all, we elect them to serve us, not the other way around.”

Bonnie, Logan’s mother, agrees. “I hoped that by meeting a cyber school family it would help make an impression that, even though many students do well in a traditional brick-and-mortar school, families not only need, but also deserve, every opportunity to make the best schooling choice for them,” Bonnie stated.