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Tips for Helping Your Child Stay Focused While Schooling at Home

By: Darcie Lusk on November 17th, 2020

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Tips for Helping Your Child Stay Focused While Schooling at Home

Quick Tips in Education

It can be a challenge to keep kids focused while schooling from home, especially if they tend to get easily distracted by things in their environment. Many students struggle with this, but there are things you can do to help to improve their focus. Here are some tips from seasoned PA Virtual Learning Coaches who have helped their students with this same challenge.

  1. Set small, specific goals to help your student focus during class.

    For example, have them write down two things they learn or participate in the chat three times. Write the goals down and monitor your student to be sure the goals are accomplished. Have your student cross them off of the list as they complete them, and congratulate them on their success. Gradually increase the goals to build your student’s ability to concentrate.

  2. Encourage your student to do one thing at a time.

    If an assignment seems overwhelming, students can get distracted quickly because they might feel defeated before they even begin. Try breaking the assignment into smaller, more manageable tasks and have your student concentrate on completing one step at a time. Giving a small break in-between steps can be helpful, too.

  3. Evaluate your student’s learning space to see if it might be contributing to the distraction.

    A noisy, cluttered work area can be quite an obstacle to concentration. Be sure the learning space is as quiet and organized as possible. Encourage your student to have supplies out for one class at a time and put away what they are not using.

  4. Playing focus games can also build focus skills that your student can apply to school settings.

    Try incorporating puzzles, word games, and strategy games (chess, checkers, etc.) into your student’s free time. They will build concentration skills that will help them during class and homework time.


Remember that it is normal for students to struggle with staying focused, especially if they are new to the cyber model, and some students might struggle more than others. It can take them some time to adjust to the home learning environment and understand that home is where school happens. As a parent, you can implement some of these strategies to help improve concentration for your child.


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