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The Wonderful World of Clubs at PA Virtual

By: Jake Bosiljevac on March 1st, 2024

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The Wonderful World of Clubs at PA Virtual's Elementary School

Elementary School


Hey there, wonderful families of PA Virtual! We're thrilled to welcome you and your little ones into a world where fun meets learning with our extracurricular activities. Our school is a treasure chest, brimming with clubs designed especially for our elementary school explorers. From stirring up creativity to sparking new interests and building friendships that light up their school days, we've got something special for our curious students. Whether your child is ready to dive into a new adventure or you're peeking around to find the perfect spot for them to shine, come along! Let's discover together how these clubs can add a splash of joy and a dash of excitement to your child's journey with us!

Brother and sister playing chess at home with their mother1. PA Virtual Chess Club: Mastering the Game of Kings

Calling all chess enthusiasts and beginners! At PA Virtual Charter School, we're all about making learning fun, and our Chess Club is no exception. Again, run by the awesome Mr. Cleary, our club meets every other Monday at 4 PM. It's a great opportunity to challenge your friends to exciting chess matches, improve your strategic thinking, and have a blast while doing it. Whether you're a grandmaster or just learning the ropes, everyone is welcome. Join us in the world of knights, queens, and kings. Want to know more? Reach out to Mr. Cleary at jcleary@pavcs.us and get ready to make your move!

MRK_website_ClubsActivitiesYogaClub_202201182. Yoga Club: Finding Balance and Peace

Our Yoga Club invites students to embark on a journey of self-discovery and wellness. Focusing on beginners' yoga, students will learn new poses, practice breathing techniques to combat anxiety. It's a perfect club for students looking to find balance, peace, and flexibility in both body and mind. Interested students and family should reach out to jansel@pavcsk12.org for more information!

3. Good News Club: A Journey Through Fun and Faith

Good News ClubThe Good News Club meets once a week on Mondays for six weeks in the fall and six weeks in the spring. The club is connected with CEF, the Child Evangelism Fellowship, to share the good news of Jesus Christ using the Bible, God's word, with engaging lessons, games, and activities. These sessions are designed to bring the Gospel of Christ to children on their level in their environment. This club is open to any student ranging from K-6th grade.  Staff advisors are Barry Harvey, Michelle Tyson and Jen Brodhag. Contact jbrodhat@pavcs.us or mtyson@pavcs.us to learn more!

Blue and Yellow Macaw in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil4. The Animal Club: For the Love of Pets and Wildlife

The Animal Club focuses mainly on pets, including pet care, types of pets, things to consider when choosing a pet, and other pet care topics. Students will have the opportunity to socialize with other students and share personal experiences owning and dreams of owning a pet. We will also venture into wild animals, including topics such as why you shouldn't capture and make a wild animal your pet or how to behave around animals in the wild. The purpose of the Animal Club is to provide students an opportunity to socialize with multi-aged students with similar interests regarding the care and safety for animals. Interested students or families should contact kanderson@pavcs.us to learn more!

5. Craft Club: Unleashing Creativity

Closeup of paintbrush in woman hands mixing paints on palettePA Virtual students will gather to share current projects and creations and to learn how to make new crafts. All grades and all levels of crafters are welcome. The purpose of the Craft Club is to provide PA Virtual students with a creative, productive outlet to express themselves, meet other crafters, and develop life skills. If you love creativity this club is for you! Interested students or families should contact kanderson@pavcs.us to learn more!

6. Mindfulness Club: A Fun and Friendly Place to Be

Mindfulness wooden sign with a beach on backgroundWelcome to the Mindfulness Club, a fun and friendly place where kids like you can learn how to be calm, focused, and creative! In our club, we do lots of cool activities like breathing exercises to help us relax, drawing and crafts to let our imaginations fly, and sharing stories and thoughts to learn more about ourselves and each other. We practice being patient, understanding our feelings better, and finding the bright side of every day. Plus, we learn how to stay calm and collected, even when things get a bit tricky. Our club is all about discovering how awesome it is to be you, and doing it in the most fun way possible.  Interested students and family should reach out to jansel@pavcsk12.org for more information!

Join Us!

Remember that at PA Virtual Charter School, our heart is set on creating spaces where students not only learn but flourish outside the classroom too. Each of our clubs is a little world of its own—a place where friendships are formed and skills are honed. We warmly encourage you and your student to dive into these small but tight communities. Together, let's fill this school year with memorable moments of joy and endless fun!