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How to Support Multiple Students in a Cyber School

By: Darcie Lusk on September 22nd, 2020

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How to Support Multiple Students in a Cyber School

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Being a parent at a cyber school is a big time commitment, and it can certainly come with its challenges. If you have multiple children enrolled in a cyber school, it can be an even bigger challenge as a parent to provide the necessary assistance to each of your students when their live classes occur simultaneously.

Although challenging, supporting multiple students during simultaneous live sessions is possible. Here are some ideas that veteran Learning Coaches at PA Virtual have found helpful:

  1. Have your students avoid using headphones whenever possible. This allows the Learning Coach to hear what is being discussed should a student require help.

  2. Place your students in separate areas in your home, allowing them to work without headphones, but still enabling the Learning Coach to hear and monitor each student.

  3. Communicate honestly with each teacher that there are multiple students in the home and that you are doing your best to monitor each one.

  4. Review recorded classes with students if there is a particular question from class that needs to be addressed.

  5. Reassure your students that you are doing your best to be available for each of them.

  6. Encourage your students to take careful notes (if possible) while they are waiting for your help. This may better enable you to understand what is needed once you are available to help them.

  7. Practice patience and flexibility. Remember that every day is different. It is perfectly normal for some days to feel better than others.

Hopefully these tips will help you manage multiple students in a cyber school environment. Remember, it will take time to find what works best for you and your family. Many cyber schools, like PA Virtual, have programs in place to help you navigate your role and provide you with support and guidance as needed. Be patient with yourself and give yourself grace.

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