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How to Keep Your Child in Educational Shape Over Summer Break

By: Jake Bosiljevac on July 7th, 2023

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How to Keep Your Child in Educational Shape Over Summer Break

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Summer break is a time for children to relax, have fun, and recharge their batteries for the upcoming academic year. However, it's important to ensure that they don't completely abandon their learning routines during this time. By incorporating a few simple strategies, you can keep your child in educational shape over the summer break without compromising their enjoyment. Let's explore various ideas and activities that can help foster continued learning throughout the summer months.



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Foster a Love for Reading: Encourage your child to read regularly during the summer break. Visit the local library together and let them choose books that capture their interest. Create a cozy reading corner at home where they can immerse themselves in captivating stories. Consider setting aside a dedicated reading time each day to establish a routine.




family vlog (2)Engage in Interactive Learning: Make learning enjoyable by engaging your child in interactive activities. Explore educational apps, online platforms, and websites that offer interactive lessons and games aligned with their interests and age group. Encourage them to learn about topics that intrigue them, such as science experiments, art projects, or cooking. PA Virtual is offering a free summer camp program if this kind of learning interests you: 2023 PA Virtual Summer Camp




Plan Educational Field Trips: Take advantage of the summer break to plan educational field trips. Visit museums, zoos, historical landmarks, or botanical gardens to provide hands-on learning experiences. Encourage your child to ask questions, engage with exhibits, and participate in any available workshops or guided tours.





Encourage Journaling and Reflection: Introduce your child to the benefits of journaling. Encourage them to write about their experiences, observations, and thoughts. This practice not only enhances their writing skills but also promotes self-reflection and introspection. Consider providing prompts or themes to inspire their journaling journey.





Embrace STEM Activities: Integrate Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) activities into your child's summer routine. Engage in simple science experiments, build model structures, or solve logic puzzles. Many online resources offer age-appropriate STEM projects and challenges that can be enjoyed both indoors and outdoors. Come check out one of PA Virtual's STEM activities here: Polar Molecules & Emulsifiers





NewHomepageHeader_Option2_505x277Cultivate a Learning Environment at Home: Create an environment at home that nurtures learning. Set up a dedicated study area with essential supplies like books, art materials, and a computer. Encourage your child to take ownership of their learning space and personalize it to reflect their interests. This dedicated space can serve as a constant reminder of the importance of education.

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Join Summer Programs: Explore summer programs or camps that provide a balance between education and recreation. Look for programs that offer activities like coding, robotics, creative writing, or foreign language classes. There are a wide variety to chose from, so do your research! These programs offer structured learning opportunities while allowing your child to socialize and make new friends. Sign up for our free 2023 PA Virtual Summer Camp here: 2023 PA Virtual Summer Camp



While summer break offers a chance for children to unwind, it's crucial to maintain a level of educational engagement to prevent the dreaded "summer slide." By fostering a love for reading, engaging in interactive learning, planning field trips, encouraging journaling, embracing STEM activities, creating a learning environment at home, and joining summer programs, you can keep your child in educational shape throughout the summer months. Remember, striking a balance between fun and learning will ensure that your child starts the new academic year with confidence and a thirst for knowledge.