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5 Tips to Help Your Student Succeed as an Online Student

By: Darcie Lusk on August 25th, 2020

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5 Tips to Help Your Student Succeed as an Online Student

Quick Tips in Education

In the cyber learning model, the role of the parent is very important. At PA Virtual, we refer to the parent or primary responsible adult at home with the student as the Learning Coach, and they serve as our eyes and ears in the home-based classroom. The physical presence of parents is needed to keep students focused and on task with what is happening in the virtual classroom. It is this type of dedication on the parent’s part that will contribute to ongoing student success. Sometimes it may appear a student is participating in class, but their grades do not reflect the amount of time they are online.

Of course, we all want our students to do their best. If you’re a cyber-school parent and are looking for some suggestions on how you can help your student perform better in an online environment, we have some tips for you. Here are some ways experienced Learning Coaches at PA Virtual have helped their children succeed as an online student.

  1. Don’t give your student too much independence too soon!
    Even if pre-teens and teens seem capable of participating in class by themselves, it is pretty tempting to have the entire Internet at their fingertips! Kids can be pretty savvy about looking like they are in class while doing something else online.

  2. Don’t leave your student unattended or allow them to do their schoolwork in a room by themselves.
    We thought our student was old enough to work by herself and moved her desk into her room, but we noticed her grades declining. We quickly moved her back into the kitchen where we could work together, and her grades improved.

  3. Check your student’s browsing history to be sure he or she is truly in class.
    One of our children was particularly sneaky about surfing the Internet or watching YouTube videos during class. Checking the browsing history confirmed our suspicions, and we began monitoring our student more closely throughout the day.

  4. Remember how important your involvement as a Learning Coach is to your student’s success.
    Although PA Virtual teachers are great at making classes engaging, our students need our physical presence to hold them accountable. Just like students will misbehave in a brick and mortar setting when the teacher leaves the classroom, our students can be tempted by many distractions if left to themselves. Students simply perform better when they focus on school.

  5. Sit next to your student during his or her live classes.
    Teach your student how to take notes, and set specific participation goals, like using the chat box or microphone a certain number of times each class. Check his or her assignments each day to ensure they are completed properly.

We hope you find these tips helpful as you navigate your role as your student’s Learning Coach. Always remember that even with the challenges of being a cyber-school parent, your dedication and commitment to your student's success will pay off!


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