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Empowering Physical Wellness: A Look Into PA Virtual

By: Jake Bosiljevac on December 1st, 2023

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Empowering Physical Wellness: A Look Into PA Virtual's Fitness Club

In the dynamic world of online education, PA Virtual Charter School has embraced a holistic approach to student well-being through its High School Fitness Club. Spearheaded by Club Advisor and Health/PE Teacher at PA Virtual, Mr. Scholl, the inception of the club stemmed from a desire to provide students with additional avenues for self-expression through physical activity and to create positive friendships. Recognizing the challenges of online learning, the club serves as a platform for students to stay active, connect with like-minded peers, and work towards their fitness goals. Under Mr. Scholl's guidance, the club not only promotes physical health but also nurtures a sense of community among the students.

Capture-Dec-01-2023-08-18-47-0509-PMIn the virtual realm, the fitness club transcends geographical barriers, creating a space for students to come together, share fitness goals, and plan activities for the school community. Utilizing apps and platforms for communication and collaboration, students act as accountability buddies, motivating each other to stay active. The club's impact extends beyond its members, serving as a valuable resource for the entire school community.

Within its two-year existence, the High School Fitness Club, under Mr. Scholl's mentorship, has already achieved significant milestones. Hosting successful group Run/Walks for the school showcased the club's commitment to promoting physical activity within the larger community. The club's growth over its two years reflects its positive impact on the well-being of PA Virtual Charter School students. 

Capture 2Motivation within the club thrives on self-determination and the camaraderie built among members, with Mr. Scholl playing a key role in fostering this positive environment. Accountability buddies and exercise partners play a crucial role in sustaining motivation. Regular discussions about achievements, challenges, and future plans contribute to a culture of encouragement and perseverance.

While it can seem almost impossible to have a fitness club virtually, our students and Mr. Scholl have found a way to be productive, healthy, and build a positive community for all PA Virtual Students to come join. So as we conclude our brief exploration into the High School Fitness Club at PA Virtual Charter School, we leave you with powerful a mantra from Mr. Scholl: "Keep working at it. Stay active. Be consistent."

people group jogging, runners team on morning  trainingThe journey to physical wellness may have its challenges, but there's another quote I love to share with everyone when they start to run out of motivation: "It gets easier. Every day it gets a little easier. But you gotta do it every day — that's the hard part."

Embracing a commitment to health, our PA Virtual Fitness Club, guided by Mr. Scholl, stands as a safe community that serves as inspiration for students seeking to enrich their online learning experience and stay healthy. If you are a student at our school and are interested in the High School Fitness Club please reach out to Stephen Scholl at sscholl@pavcs.us