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The Power of Options: The Deep Impact of School Choice Week

By: Jake Bosiljevac on January 22nd, 2024

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The Power of Options: The Deep Impact of School Choice Week

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As a part of Pennsylvania Coalition of Public Charter Schools, PA Virtual Charter School is excited to partake in National School Choice Week. This week is more than a celebration; it's a nationwide movement underscoring the critical role of choice in K-12 education and its impact on families and communities. As more families and people across Pennsylvania realize the importance of choice in their children's educational journeys - more are stepping up with their voices, letting others know why it's worth the fight to save charter schools.

The Philosophy Behind School Choice:
School Choice Week is grounded in the belief that educational freedom and diversity are essential for a thriving society. It acknowledges that one size does not fit all in education. By celebrating this week, we recognize the diversity of learners and the need for a variety of educational environments to meet these varied needs.

Mother with kids in library with notebook-1For Parents: Why Your Involvement is Crucial

  1. Advocating for Your Child’s Future: By exploring different schooling options, you can find an educational path that best suits your child’s unique talents, interests, and learning style. By taking away options, we restrict the paths that lay before us - limiting our children's overall potential. They are our future and we should always try to give them the best opportunities possible.
  2. Beyond Academics: School choice isn't just about academic fit; it's about finding environments that nurture your child's social, emotional, and personal growth. Families find themselves in tough situations where they must make choices. Forcing limitations on families resigns them to fate outside of their control. By giving choice to them, they can escape tough to navigate situations with bullying, poor scheduling, and a wide assortment of problems.
  3. A Collective Voice: Your choice strengthens the collective voice advocating for continuous improvement and innovation in education. Being involved in this process set us up for success even after we make a choice with school options. It's an alley-oop to follow through and continue to be involved with the school you chose!

DITL_4 (2)PA Virtual Charter School’s Unique Offering: 

  • Customized Learning Plans: Each student receives a learning plan that caters to their individual strengths and challenges. Synchronous and Asynchronous options are not always options in other schools - but we offer plenty of extra options for learning plans! Parents are involved. Again - choice! 
  • Expert Support: Our teachers and staff are not just educators; they are partners in your child’s educational journey. We offer all kinds of extra support that are experts outside of just primary teaching. Our counselors, academic support teachers, teachers, and administrators are constantly offering all kinds of support to struggling families. 
  • A Community Beyond Borders: Our school brings together a diverse community of learners from all over Pennsylvania, enriching the educational experience through shared perspectives and experiences. Counties do not determine the school for your child and as a result you get to meet so many people you never would have otherwise!

Celebrating Successes: School Choice Week is an opportunity to showcase the successes and achievements of our students and educators. It's a time to share stories of breakthroughs and milestones, reinforcing the impact of our collaborative educational model.

Group of three school teachers with confident friendly smiles standing in front of a class blackboard, one man and two womenEngagement and Advocacy:

  • Engage in Dialogue: Participate in forums and discussions to learn more about the broader landscape of school choice. As many are involved - it becomes necessary to be engaged. To stay up to date on changes and regulations it's important to always participate in these major discussions with your own school, families, and your representatives.

  • Become Advocates: Share your positive experiences with others and become advocates for school choice in your communities. Don't be shy! It's important to revel in some of your successes as it can change potentially harmful and negative viewpoints. These stories are pivotal in helping others understand why school choice is so important.
  • Celebrate Diversity: Embrace and celebrate the diversity that school choice brings to the educational ecosystem. With diversity we can learn more from others, shaping our perspectives to best develop programs that are in the best interest of all our students.

Ultimately National School Choice Week is not just about celebrating the choices available; it's about recognizing the transformative power these choices have on our children's lives. At PA Virtual Charter School, we are proud to be part of this empowering movement and invite you to join us in celebrating the right to choose the best educational journey for every child.