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Curriculum Matters

Curriculum Matters

About Cyber Education

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A deeper look into the nationally recognized curriculum used by PA Virtual         

PA Virtual challenges students each day in a flexible online learning environment from the comfort of their own homes. How does a school connect students from across the state and ensure their academic needs are met? Our state-certified teachers guide students through their studies using the nationally recognized K12, Inc. curriculum that aligns with the PA Core Standards set by the Pennsylvania Department of Education.

PA Virtual teachers deliver these online courses to students in each grade at every level of learning. Teachers use their creativity to individualize lesson plans based on the needs of students in the virtual classroom. PA Virtual has used K12, Inc. as the source for curriculum since its inception in 2001. Nationally, the curriculum aligns with the Common Core, however, the PA Core Standards are slightly different. Parents may find “PA Only” lessons or supplements provided by K12, Inc. or teachers during the course of the school year. 


While rigorous, the K12, Inc. curriculum is designed for parents to use at home with students, unlike most school curriculum which is developed for teachers who have a degree in their specialty area. To help bridge the gap, parents are provided with manuals on how to help provide guided instruction, in addition to the teacher. This means you don’t have to be a math major to help your student understand and master math skills and concepts.


K12, Inc. provides PA Virtual families with more than just curriculum and textbooks. Supplemental materials are shipped at the beginning of each school year depending on the courses your student is ready to take. These resources are designed to help students grasp concepts from different perspectives since every child learns differently and not every family will use all of the additional learning tools provided. Physical materials for science labs may include microscopes or test tubes and history lessons may require a globe or map—all delivered to your doorstep!


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The range of courses provided is exactly what you would find at your traditional public school, with the added benefit of moving at your own pace. Elementary and middle school students take ELA each year, which ranges from phonics, literature, vocabulary, grammar and handwriting; mathematics, and full-year science, art, music, and history.


Students benefit from even more flexibility at the high school level and can choose advanced art and music electives, world languages, creative writing, or computer science, in addition to their core classes. PA Virtual also offers AP Courses through K12, Inc., giving college-bound students the ability to get a jump on higher-level subjects. The majority of PA Virtual's High School core courses are also NCAA-approved. For a complete list of approved courses, please review the course catalog.


K12, Inc. recognizes that cyber school students need to do more than just read a textbook or view a slideshow. Each lesson is interactive, hands-on, and engages the student to participate. Built into most classes is the time for independent study, where struggling students can receive a little extra help and a high achieving student may be able to finish an assignment early or get ahead. Want to see how specific courses are developed? Check out this video to see how interactive and in-depth science lessons are put together. You can also view course descriptions by grade here.


PA Virtual’s high academic success and graduation rates are the result of using this proven curriculum and our experienced teaching staff, and we can help your child find their personal academic success! 

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