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Celebrating Women

By: Jake Bosiljevac on March 15th, 2024

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Celebrating Women's History in Pennsylvania: Sites to See

In the Community

Pennsylvania is rich with historical sites that celebrate and shine light on women's contributions to society and culture. For anyone at PA Virtual looking for a place to explore and learn during Women’s History Month, these sites offer valuable experiences that you’re not going to get anywhere else. They provide deep insights into the struggles and triumphs of women throughout Pennsylvanian history. Here's a guide to some must-visit locations across the state, each telling a unique story of women's roles in shaping our state.

West Pennsylvania



Rachel Carson Homestead: This homestead is the birthplace of Rachel Carson, a marine biologist and author whose writings led to the global environmental movement. Visitors can explore the house where she was born and learn about her profound impact on environmental conservation. More information is available on the official Rachel Carson Homestead website.

sp21-daisyDaisy Lampkin House
: Lampkin's home symbolizes her tireless work for women's rights and civil rights. Although there's no public museum, her legacy in Pittsburgh reminds us of her role in the NAACP and the suffrage movement. For more on her impact, the Heinz History Center offers insights into her life and work.



Heinz History Center: This museum showcases the stories of influential women in the region's history, including those in journalism, environmental advocacy, and beyond. Its exhibitions often feature pioneering women who have made significant contributions to society. Details on current exhibitions can be found on the Heinz History Center website.

Central Pennsylvania




Bellefonte Art Museum for Centre County: Located in Bellefonte, this museum showcases the significant role of the Underground Railroad in the region and highlights the courageous women who were part of this network. It's a testament to those who risked everything for freedom. Visit their website for more information.




Ephrata Cloister: This historic site in Ephrata delves into the life of an 18th-century religious community, with a special focus on the women who contributed through creative arts and community building. Their stories offer a unique glimpse into communal living and spiritual pursuits. Details are available on their official site.




Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania: Situated in Strasburg, this museum highlights many of the pivotal roles women played in the rail industry, especially during critical periods of labor shortage. From telegraph operators to engineers, women's contributions were vital to the functioning and success of the railroads. For more insights, visit their website.




East Pennsylvania


The National Constitution Center in Philadelphia is not just a museum; it's an exploration space for the U.S. Constitution. Here, many exhibits and programs are dedicated to the instrumental roles women have played in American democracy, from suffragists to Supreme Court justices. The Center's interactive displays and thought-provoking programming make it a key site for understanding the evolving role of women in shaping the nation's history. Visit constitutioncenter.org for more details.

Betsy-Ross-House-Front-Exterior-1024x1024The Betsy Ross House offers a unique opportunity to delve into the life of a pivotal figure in American history. Situated in the heart of Philadelphia, this historical landmark is not only dedicated to the woman who is said to have crafted the first American flag but also serves as a portal to the everyday life and challenges faced by women in the 18th century. Through carefully preserved rooms and engaging storytelling, visitors gain an intimate view of Betsy Ross's resilience and ingenuity. For a closer look at her contributions and the significance of this site, please visit Betsy Ross House. The Betsy Ross House Website.




The Pearl S. Buck House in Perkasie is more than just the home of the Nobel Prize-winning author; it's a cultural center that celebrates Buck's life, work, and her advocacy for women's rights and multicultural understanding. The house itself, where Buck wrote many of her works, serves as a testament to her legacy and the global impact of her advocacy. Learn more at pearlsbuck.org.



Pennsylvania's multitude of historic sites give us a sneak peek into the lives of women who've left their mark on our state and the whole country. From standing up for equal rights and protecting the environment, to leading advances in science and the arts, there's always a story to explore. It's a perfect mix of learning and adventure, showing us the power and creativity of women throughout history. So get out there and start learning PA Virtual families!