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Why I Chose PA Virtual: The Wert Family

By: M. Dubbs on March 2nd, 2016

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Why I Chose PA Virtual: The Wert Family

Insider Perspectives


In the United States alone, roughly 2.7 million young women participate in Girl Scouts and cookie season officially kicked off in January! Last year, Caitlin Wert, now in 10th grade, received the Silver Award from the Girl Scouts of Eastern PA for her efforts in educating her female peers on a range of important matters. Through lessons learned in cyber education, Caitlin was able to confidently and accurately teach these lessons.


“Through sessions offered by the Guidance Department at PA Virtual, I have become educated on important topics such as bullying, self-esteem and respect. I incorporated some of what I learned into my "Girl Power" program, especially during the session I held on anti-bullying.”


After brainstorming about potential projects, Caitlin concluded that what she was most passionate about was helping those closest to her—her female peers. She contacted her local library about conducting a series of lessons that would be aimed at educating girls her age and slightly younger, and was immediately granted permission.


“She wanted to give girls a place where they could come and express themselves safely,” said Cindy Wert, Caitlin’s mother, “she said that if she could make an impact on just one girl she’d be satisfied, but she ended up doing so much more.”.


Each of the 8 weekly lessons focused on a theme. The themes were Self-Esteem, Anti-Bullying, Friendship, Problem Solving, Respect, Confidence, Cooperation and Love Your Planet. By the end of the series, Wert had taught a total of 40 girls. She credits this success to the leadership abilities she obtained through both Girl Scouts and her online education.


“Not only have I learned leadership skills through Girl Scouts, but being a student at PA Virtual has definitely had an influence on my leadership abilities. I would say in 5th or 6th grade, I really started to come out of my shell in my classes. Girl Scouts and PA Virtual have both been a factor in my leadership and service to others.”


Caitlin has moved on to the next level of Girl Scouts and will be working toward her Gold Award this summer.


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