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Three Ways to Keep Your Child Engaged During the Holiday Season

By: Jennifer Kilpatrick on December 5th, 2016

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Three Ways to Keep Your Child Engaged During the Holiday Season


In the cyber setting, we know our Learning Coaches go above and beyond each day to be a part of their child’s educational journey. At PA Virtual, we know that when parents are engaged and supportive of what their child is learning, the child is more likely to succeed. However, the hustle and bustle of the holiday season is enough to distract even the most attentive family. How can you keep students focused as the holidays approach this year?

  1. Spruce up your learning workstation! With the holidays approaching, it is a time when many decorate their homes inside and out. But what will you do with your child’s work space? By now, your child has decided what their favorite space for school is in the home, but how can you organize or restructure that to give them a more conducive learning environment?
    • Organize an end of semester clean out to declutter papers that have piled up since September
    • Hang twinkle lights to brighten up their personal space
    • Keep an extra pillow or blanket handy and create a cozy reading space as the temperatures drop 
  2. Traveling? The beauty of cyber education is that students can take their virtual classroom anywhere. If you find yourself traveling this holiday season while classes are still in session, you can take the opportunity to share with your extended family some of the benefits of cyber education! However, to ensure student success while traveling do your best to:
    • Secure a strong WiFi connection
    • Make sure you know of all upcoming deadlines
    • Even in a house full of family or a hotel - try and find a designated space for school with as few distractions as possible 
  3. Get out of the house! PA Virtual offers socialization events year round for our students in various regions, but during the winter months, we start to see the same faces over and over. These outings, sponsored by our Family Support Coordinators are a fun way to meet new people and sometimes even give back to the community. For a full list of upcoming events in December and January make sure to check out our FSC /Outing Information Main Page. Here you will also find:
    • Helpful parent resources
    • Family Support Coordinator contact information
    • Information on PA Virtual College Tours

Don’t let your holiday spirit make you lose focus! Parents, what do you do to stay active and engaged in your child’s learning experience during the hectic holiday season? Let us know in the comments below!


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