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Ring in the New Year with PA Virtual!

By: Jennifer Kilpatrick on January 4th, 2017

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Ring in the New Year with PA Virtual!



When you sit down to make resolutions this New Year, consider the option of school choice, and see if cyber school is a good fit for your family! This year, you can make a positive change in your child's education and watch them flourish with PA Virtual.


This year, does your family want to make a resolution to…


Give your students a personalized learning experience?

As a K-12 school it is incredibly important that our curriculum meets the needs of every student. Each course offered aligns with the PA Core Standards set by the Pennsylvania Department of Education, but allows students to work at their own pace. Students with special needs who may need more time to complete assignments aren’t pressured by bells or rigid schedules of a brick traditional schooling environment. Advanced students have the ability to work ahead when they are comfortable with the material, join clubs like National Honor Society, and even graduate early through the Scholar’s Program.


Create a safe and nurturing learning environment for your child?

Many parents choose cyber education to help their child escape from an unsafe school environment or bullying. In the safety of their own home, students can focus on school work without the added fear and distractions that bullying can cause.


Make new friends?  

Cyber school is a great way to connect with students and families outside of your neighborhood! Your child will be in a virtual classroom with students from all across Pennsylvania each and every day. Additionally, PA Virtual offers multiple regional outings every month for families such as college tours, service learning projects, and other fun activities like bowling and snow tubing!


Allow your child to pursue their passion in the arts or athletics?

Many students enroll at PA Virtual due to the flexible scheduling that allows them to complete school work on the go and at their own pace. For a student who is competitive athletically, or gifted in the arts, dedicating extra hours of practice to master their craft is important – but so is their education! Cyber school gives students the ability to manage their own time and find a balance that maximizes the amount of time they can spend pursuing their passion.


Is PA Virtual right for you? Find out today!


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