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PA Virtual Family Spotlight: The Bunn Family

By: Jennifer Kilpatrick on November 15th, 2016

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PA Virtual Family Spotlight: The Bunn Family

Super Student

PA Virtual Family Spotlight: The Bunn FamilyAfter moving to Philadelphia from Florida, Keith and Tracy Bunn took a good look at the educational options in their new home town. Feeling discouraged, they started to look into alternatives and found PA Virtual.

The flexibility of cyber school appealed to the family. Triplets Keith, Kameryn and Kayla were enrolled as first grade students and have been with PA Virtual ever since. Older brother Tyler is also a student, all four learning crucial time management skills to balance school with time honing their tennis skills. Often times, Keith Sr. gets the kids up and started on school work early, giving them extra free time on the courts in the afternoons, in addition to the coaching they receive at Legacy Youth Tennis and Education.

“Keith and Kameryn practice many hours a week,” said Keith Sr. “If my children were in a traditional brick and mortar school, they wouldn’t be able to play at the level they are currently. PA Virtual students have the ability to study at their own pace, on their own schedule, and in my opinion is an A+ online educational experience.”

While Kayla and Tyler play recreationally, it is the competitive drive of Kameryn and Keith that keeps the family busy year round. They both currently hold titles from the American Tennis National Championships held this past summer in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. Keith Jr. took home the boys 12 year old singles title at the American Tennis National Championship and Kameryn holds the girls 12 year old doubles title.

“Tennis is a year round sport, and we really enjoy the ability to stay connected and up to date in school when we travel,” said Keith Sr. "It’s so easy to just pack up the laptops next to the rackets and know that they won’t miss a beat.”


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