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PA Cyber School Offers Health Services

By: M. Dubbs on December 3rd, 2015

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PA Cyber School Offers Health Services

About Cyber Education  |  Did You Know?

Did you know? Just like traditional school districts, cyber students are required by state law to receive health screenings each year. The Pennsylvania Department of Education mandates all children in grades K-12 receive this screening, and depending on your age, also requires hearing, vision, and scoliosis tests at no cost to the student or family. PA Virtual nurses provide all of these services to our students– no matter where you live in the state!


Because children in cyber school families learn within the walls of their own home, many people don’t realize that cyber schools must also staff nurses year round and provide care to their students.


Students also have the ability to receive annual health screenings from their family doctors, but hectic schedules and the cost of a doctor’s visit can sometimes prevent families from doing so. By providing these screenings at no cost, schools like PA Virtual are reducing the number of cyber school students who are unable to receive health screenings by traditional means.


Check out this video to learn more about how a PA Virtual nurse can help you!












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