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Cyber Students & Socialization Opportunities

By: M. Dubbs on April 24th, 2015

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Cyber Students & Socialization Opportunities


A common misconception about cyber charter students is that they lack the opportunity to socialize with their peers. In reality, many students who chose online learning do so because flexible learning schedules enable them to become even more immersed in outside activities. These outside commitments to arts, athletics or entrepreneurship thrive on interaction and growth.


Many cyber charter students also participate in their home districts athletics and activities programs, and clubs within their home communities. There is no denying that today we are more connected than ever and cyber charter options allow students to become connected to hundreds of their peers across the state – not just the 20 or so in a classroom!


A great example of these connections on a nationwide level took place just recently. The Franklin County 4-H Team Biohazard 4050 participated in, and won the Robotics division at the FIRST Championship Chesapeake Regional. 


Their success at this regional event allowed them to move forward, and spend four days in St. Louis for the FIRST finals, a national competition. Cyber charters are able to give students the ability to have these experiences without the stress and worry of missing out on any of their school work.


FIRST was founded to bring together young people from around the world who excel in STEM Programs and let their creativity flourish. Team Biohazard 4050 connected with thousands of other young people this past week, all of whom share the same common interests and academic strengths. The FRC is more than just a high school event – it is a true example of the real and professional world. Huffington Post blogger (and aspiring engineer) Natalie Kalin points out that these students have the opportunity to start professionally networking and attain scholarships, but her key takeaway is the “gracious professional” environment. To present and explain these complex projects, each member must have excellent communication and social skills.


PA Virtual plans three regional social outings per month, and there are plenty of staff is on hand to help plan those events. These outings can range from educational opportunities, community service days, sporting events, or visits to regional attractions in the area. Now, don’t think that all cyber charter students just travel the world nonstop (only sometimes!) – Cyber charters teach students balance between education and socialization.


Just as in traditional schools, cyber charters offer support staff that assist students and their families in all aspects of the education process. However, cyber charter teachers, counselors and administrative staff are in place to make sure that your child’s education is individualized to accommodate varying schedules, travel plans, and even various learning styles. Many times cyber students are immersed in music, the arts, or athletics – and have the ability to dedicate the time needed to master those skills as part of a team, or traveling group.


With these many options, how far could your child go?


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