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Adults Can “Choose Kind,” Too

By: Andie Markijohn on November 13th, 2014

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Adults Can “Choose Kind,” Too

In the Community

Today at PA Virtual, one of our students led a presentation entitled “Choose Kind” as part of a month-long anti-bullying campaign spearheaded by our Guidance Counselors. The presentation led to a discussion among students about how to treat each other.


A quick internet search on “choose kind” yields a wealth of sites promoting that message. From Random House to Disney, The Chicago Tribune to YouTube, the sites encourage kindness among our children, feature stories about bullying, or provide kindness resources.

It’s curious to note, however, that the sites are seemingly all geared towards children. This begs the question, “Are children the only ones who need to be reminded to be kind?”


Studies show that children learn a great deal from their parents’ behaviors, so it seems crucial to ask whether or not we, as parents, are modeling kind behaviors.


While the adult world no longer features playground or school bus drama, we do regularly encounter seemingly insignificant situations where we can show our children that we choose kindness, too. For example…

  1. At the Checkout. Are you kind to the salesclerk, even when a purchase transaction experiences some difficulty?
  2. While Driving. Are you considerate to other drivers by obeying traffic regulations, using your turn signals, thanking other drivers for their kindness, etc.?
  3. In the Aisles. When looking for an item on the shelf, do you place your cart off to the side so that other shoppers can pass?
  4. At a Restaurant. Could you help the waitstaff by stacking your plates or even handing them to the server?
  5. Going in and Out. Do you hold the door open for others, even those who are not elderly?


How else can we, as adults, show kindness? We’d love to hear your suggestions in the comments below!


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